jReality: a Java library for real-time interactive 3D graphics and audio

jReality is a Java based, open-source, full-featured 3D scene graph package designed for 3D visualization and specialized in mathematical visualization. It provides several backends, including a JOGL one for Java based OpenGL rendering. JReality is thread-safe, has a flexible shading model based on an attribute-inheritance mechanism in the scene graph, device-independent user interaction and support for true 3D audio (JACK). Furthermore, there are many support classes for transformations and geometry. It has a plugin system for assembling custom viewers, an active forum and a growing set of tutorial examples to help developers interested in using jReality to solve their Java 3D problems. For further information please look here.


Important jReality Sources
February 2017

The newest version of jReality can be found here. It contains updated library files, fixed bugs and new bugs.


All old and stable jreality code files have been made publicly available here:


The wiki tutorials will remain the main source of documentation.

There is also a forum about everything related to jReality.

The life of jReality
December 2016

From today onwards jreality will be maintained but not as activley developed as before. A final version is on its way. Due to the security reasons this website and the tutorial site have been made static.

Release jReality 1.2
March 9 2016

The latest release of jReality is ready.

Notable improvements include:
-jogl3 is now default viewer
-fxaa in jogl3, together with more options in the “effects” dropdown menue.
-a few bug fixes
-progress in other projects

Please report any issues on our forum

New git repository location
June 02, 2015

Due to the shut down of gitorious we moved our repository to gitlab:


Website up to date
Janurary 26, 2015

The updates for the website are completed.

Release jReality 1.1
May 19, 2014

The latest release of jReality is ready. (We attempt to make monthly releases.)

Notable improvements include:

  • We started with version numbers.
  • We removed awt-color.class from src-core (first step for android backend).
  • We stopped the support for the old Viewer “ViewerApp” and removed the files from the project.
  • We started working on a new toolsystem for atomatic-jinput-device detection.

Please report any issues on our forum

November Release
November 11, 2013

The latest release of jReality is ready. (We attempt to make monthly releases.)

Notable improvements include:

  • We finally switched from svn to git

Please report any issues on our forum

git repository
November 06, 2013

jReality source code is now available at gitorious.org:

We are switching permanently to gitorious, the svn repository won't be updated anymore.

jReality-based student projects in mathematical visualization available for viewing.
May 25, 2013

Check out the latest student projects, accessible from the web-site of the Mathematical Visualization course at TUB, Winter Semester 2012 . These projects are all based on jReality, and illustrate some mathematical theme, mostly chosen this semester from the area of discrete groups and their associated tessellations.

January Release
January 02, 2013

The latest release of jReality is ready. (We attempt to make monthly releases.)

Notable improvements include:

  • The most bugs should be solved now and we moved jReality successfully from OpenGL 1.3 to OpenGL 2.
  • Our new backend will be based on OpenGL 3.3. For first impressions follow these instructions.

Future improvements:

  • We are planing to switch jReality form Svn to Git to facilitate the work of external developers.

Please report any issues on our forum

Forum update: RSS-feed available
February 10, 2010

We updated the phpBB-forum to version 3.06.

Now there is a RSS-feed available for the forum.
Here you will find a short HowTo

August 2, 2009

The recently developed audio features of jReality were presented at the International Computer Music Conference ICMC 2009 in Montreal, Canada.

ACM Multimedia 2009
July 21, 2009

jReality will be presented at the ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2009, as part of the Open Source Software Competition.

Beijing Hotel, Beijing, China

October 19-24, 2009

new galleries
May 4, 2009

See our new Gallery section for lots of stills created with jreality.

bms video
March 23, 2009

The video about the Berlin Mathematical School is part of the DFG Video Portal, and shows jreality running in the Portal at TU Berlin, Mathematics Department. The portal is a 3-wall CAVE-like installation with passive stereo 3D and head-tracking.

jbullet integration
February 7, 2009

The jbullet physics engine has been integrated into jReality. The project also contains collision sound synthesis, based on Jass.

The subversion project can be checked out from out svn server


For anonymous access login as user guest with empty password.

Test drive this webstart demo now.


  • Experience mathematical constructs as physical objects! You can even through things at them (middle mouse button)!
  • Includes real-time synthesized audio. This may require a fast computer to run smoothly. You can turn off audio, uncheck “sound” in the “Main Physics Controls” Panel on the left.
  • Comes with the necessary 3rd party jars and an eclipse project file for easy configuration.
new tutorials online
February 3, 2009

The jReality tutorials released in July have continued to be developed further. The current selection of topics covers most of the necessary topics for working with the jReality scene graph. Please continue to report suggestions or corrections to gunn at math.tu-berlin.de


Each tutorial example now includes a link to run as a Java webstart!

plugin system
November 3, 2008

We have started to implement a new plugin system which makes creating customized jReality applications easier than ever. See Stefans talk. about his plugin API.

December 12, 2007

jReality is part of the Exhibition Imaginary – mit den Augen der Mathematik.

The exhibition will visit many places in Germany during the Math year 2008.

The image shows a boy playing with our jreality installation at Wissenschaftssommer in Leipzig.

Viewer VR
November 06, 2006

We have implemented the jReality VR viewer. It allows loading 3D arbitrary data files but also includes a set of examples, several interesting mathematical surfaces as well as the Matheon buddy baer. The whole GUI for this application can be immersed into the 3D scene, so this application is also fully usable in immersive 3D environments (CAVEs).

Run as [Java™ Web Start]. To get started, simply look at the help tab, or see the user manual in our Wiki.