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Since we moved to git in October 2013, the most recent version of jReality can be found on gitorious. There is no official main repository any more. But sechel's one is the advised and can be found here:

It contains an Eclipse project. Therefore the advised method is to check it out using Eclipse.

If you have Eclipse 4.2 you can use the following walk-through:

In Eclipse's menu bar navigate to Window->OpenPerspective->Other...

Then choose "git Repository Exploring" or simple "git" and confirm.

Then choose "Clone a git Repository and add the clone to this view" from the icon bar shown in the screen shot below.


Insert in the up-popping window as URI:

The rest will appear automatically. It has to look like this:


Click "Next", and then "Next" again, and then "Finish".

It will take a few minutes to download. Then it should look like this:


Right-click on the "jreality [master] ..." line, and select "Import Projects". Confirm the dialogue with "Next" and "Finish".

Open now the "Java Perspective"(Window->Open Perspective->Other, choose "Java") and you see the complete jReality-project in the "Package Explorer".


To be able to check in changes to jReality, create your own clone of jReality e.g. on gitorious or elsewhere. You have to apply more or less the above walk-through to this clone with the difference that you have to checkout instead. Consult some gitorious-tutorials for details.

You can still also check out the non-maintained jReality source tree from September 2013 using Subversion:

For anonymous access login as user guest with no (empty) password.

The trunk contains an eclipse project.