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Download jReality and create your own release and api

First of all you need an installation of a Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) JDK. jReality is currently developed with Java 6, but we are still maintaining Java 1.5 compatibility. One reason is that Java 6 is not available for many macosx installations. You might find the JDK at Java Website or look for installation packages from your OS vendor (Linux or Mac OS).

NOTE: jReality is developed with Sun Java 6, and we give our best that it still runs on Java 5. Older versions of Java will not work!

NOTE 2: This tutorial uses BASH syntax, windows users can try to use cywin or something similar, or have to translate to windows command lines on there own... Sorry.

download jReality

create a folder for your jReality release

  mkdir jr_release
  cd jr_release

create a folder with the date yyyy-mm-dd

  mkdir `date '+%Y-%m-%d'`

create a folder for the actual version of jReality and check it out. With guest as svn_user and no password

  git clone git://gitorious.org/jreality/jreality.git
  cd jreality

Then compile the release with Java 6+. Keep attention at the excludes.txt-file and at your Java path. The standard path for debian-based systems is '/usr/lib/jvm/your-java-versions'.

  export JAVA_HOME=<your-path>/<a-java-6+-version>
  ant release

copy the release to the 'date'-folder

  cd release/
  cp * ../../`date '+%Y-%m-%d'`

now create the doc-files

  export JAVA_HOME=<your-path>/<a-java-6+-version>
  cd ../../jreality
  ant javadoc

create a folder for your api

  cd ../
  mkdir api
  cd api
  cp -r ../jreality/docs/api/* .