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Welcome to the Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms Group

The main focus of the group is on research and teaching in the areas of Discrete Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization.

In our research projects, we develop efficient algorithms for various discrete optimization problems and study their computational complexity. We are particularly interested in network flow problems, notably flows over time and unsplittable flows, as well as different scheduling models, including stochastic and online scheduling. Variants of these problems involving several independent agents are studied from the perspective of algorithmic game theory. We also work on applications in traffic, transport, and logistics in interdisciplinary cooperations with other researchers as well as partners from industry.

From a methodological perspective, we are interested in efficient approximation algorithms with provable performance guarantees, in the analysis of linear and higher order relaxations, as well as in aspects of robustness and sensitivity of solutions to mathematical optimization problems. We also contribute to a rigorous mathematical analysis and explanation of methods from Artificial Intelligence, such as neural networks and other meta-heuristics.

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Prof. Dr. Martin SkutellaDr. Franziska EberleDorothea Kiefer-HoeftRalf HoffmannPriv.-Doz. Dr. Frank LutzEkin ErgenMoritz GrilloDr. Tobias HofmannMohammed Majthoub AlmoghrabiSarah MorellIhab SabikDaniel Schmidt genannt WaldschmidtKhai Van TranTheresa Ziemke

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