Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Schedule for the summer semester 2010

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
19.04.10 Micha Sharir, Tel Aviv
Sharing joints, in moderation: A groundshaking clash between algebraic and combinatorial geometry
Uli Wagner, Zürich
Complete Minors in Hypergraphs and Simplicial Complexes
26.04.10 Oleg Pikhurko, Pittsburgh
Hypergraph Turan Problem
Benjamin Lorenz, Berlin
Classification of Smooth Lattice Polytopes with few Lattice Points
03.05.10 Christian Sohler, Dortmund
Fast l_p Regression in a Data Stream
Alexander Souza, Berlin
SRPT is 1.86-competitive for Completion Time Scheduling
10.05.10 Mihyun Kang
Enumeration methods for planar graphs and beyond
Slides [PDF]
Tom Banchoff, Providence, RI
Self-Linking, Inflections, and the Normal Euler Class for Smooth and Polyhedral Surfaces in Four-Space
17.05.10 Vera Sacristan, Barcelona
Reconfiguration of cube lattice modular robots
Richard Gardner, Western Washington University
Reconstruction in Geometric Tomography
31.05.10 Prasad Tetali, Atlanta
Combinatorial approach to an interpolation method and scaling limits for sparse random graphs
Gabriel Nivasch, Zürich
Weak epsilon-nets and the inverse Ackermann function
07.06.10 Anders Björner, Stockholm
A q-analogue of the FKG inequality and some applications
Yuri Rabinovich, Haifa
Finite Volume Spaces and Related Issues
14.06.10 Balazs Szegedy, Toronto
Limits of functions on groups and higher order Fourier analysis
Martin Skutella/Günter M. Ziegler:
References (internal)
21.06.10 Bill Casselman, Vancouver
The Polish decipherment of Enigma
Faculty Meeting
28.06.10 Dieter van Melkebeek, Madison WI
Derandomizing Polynomial Identity Testing
Siamak Tazari, Berlin
Faster Approximation Schemes and Parameterized Algorithms on H-Minor-Free and Odd-Minor-Free Graphs
05.07.10 Martin Dyer, Leeds
The complexity of #CSP
Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Taipei
Distribution of the sum-of-digits function of random integers -- a survey
12.07.10 Berliner Algorithmentag

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