This is the homepage of the International Research Training Group (IRTG) 2544

Stochastic Analysis in Interaction

– a DFG-funded research initiative of the Berlin universities (FU, HU, and TU Berlin) and the Weierstrass institute with the University of Oxford.

Our vision and mission is to train a new generation of researchers in this vibrant field of stochastics that presents formidable theoretical challenges in its mathematical foundations and that breaths and grows through its applications. The fields of applications of particular interest to the 25 researchers from Berlin and Oxford are

  • Mathematical Finance
  • Natural Sciences
  • Statistics and Machine Learning

The IRTG “Stochastic Analysis in Interaction” is a certified unit of the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), the graduate school in mathematics run jointly by FU, HU and TU Berlin. Through the BMS we are also part of the Berlin Mathematics Research Center Math+.